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Mr. In Demand - Canada's Most In Demand Web Guru
Mr. In Demand - Canada's Most In Demand Web Guru
Mr. In Demand - Canada's Most In Demand Web Guru
Mr. In Demand - Canada's Most In Demand Web Guru Mr. In Demand - Canada's Most In Demand Web Guru Mr. In Demand - Canada's Most In Demand Web Guru Mr. In Demand - Canada's Most In Demand Web Guru Mr. In Demand - Canada's Most In Demand Web Guru Mr. In Demand - Canada's Most In Demand Web Guru  

Mr. In Demand - Canada's Most In Demand Web Guru

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Mr. In Demand services Website, Marketing and Multimedia design consultancy. From our offices in Toronto, Canada and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we design and market highly-effective websites, promotions and marketing strategies both online and offline for corporate and business clients anywhere in the world.


Mr. In Demand boasts one of the most sophisticated online lead generation programs. We generate over a hundred thousand leads a month across a variety of categories such as mortgage, online education, cash advance, debt consolidation, dating, automotive and more.

We help Advertisers identify and pre-qualify leads so they can acquire their ideal customers in an efficient, streamlined process at a cost that maximizes their ROI.

High-quality leads that convert
Our lead generation programs help you find customers who are pre-screened to meet just the criteria you are looking for. You only pay for leads that match your exact specifications. Lead buyers receive information like the best time to contact the lead. Since our leads have already expressed an interest in getting more information and they have been verified as legitimate, they are more likely to convert to customers. We are constantly getting feedback from our Publishers and testing new creative to optimize performance and ensure we are driving the highest quality leads.

Proven ability to meet high-volume demand
With our Lead Agents technology, Mr. In Demand generates tens of thousands of leads a month. We utilize our extensive publisher network of over 14,000 websites as well as media partnerships, SEO and SEM campaigns to provide lead buyers with large volumes of quality leads in real-time.

Lead verification and scrubbing
We are partnered with Click A Brand Corporation, the top lead verification company, to help us ensure the highest level of accuracy. Telephone and address information is verified, confirming that it all correlates to the consumer. Invalid leads are filtered out and sent to a call center where a live person will attempt to verify the data. Any leads that do not meet your specifications are filtered out.

Guaranteed competitive CPA
Since our system is auction based, lead buyers can feel confident they will be paying market price to acquire a lead. Targeting criteria is set upfront, so buyers only pay for the type of leads that meet their exact specifications.

No-stale leads, you get real-time delivery
Since leads are matched, scrubbed and passed in real-time, you can follow up with the prospect quickly. Data can be delivered to you real-time or even as live transfer, where the lead is immediately connected to a live person.

Contact leads while they are hot with Click to Call
Instantly talk to consumers who are interested in your service and just seconds ago requested to be contacted. Since the customer is on phone ready to talk, Click to Call
leads have been shown to convert at a dramatically higher rate than traditional leads.

How it works:

  1. Consumer fills out an online form and selects “Click to talk” for immediate live response.
  2. A call is immediately placed to the consumer.
  3. Lead buyer’s call center is immediately notified that the consumer is on the line ready to talk.

Vertical specific properties

Mr. In Demand owns and operates over 40 branded sites across a number of verticals including:

  • Mortgage
  • Education
  • Mobile
  • Dating
  • Automotive
  • Health
  • And many more

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