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Mr. In Demand - Canada's Most In Demand Web Guru
Mr. In Demand - Canada's Most In Demand Web Guru
Mr. In Demand - Canada's Most In Demand Web Guru
Mr. In Demand - Canada's Most In Demand Web Guru Mr. In Demand - Canada's Most In Demand Web Guru Mr. In Demand - Canada's Most In Demand Web Guru Mr. In Demand - Canada's Most In Demand Web Guru Mr. In Demand - Canada's Most In Demand Web Guru Mr. In Demand - Canada's Most In Demand Web Guru  

Mr. In Demand - Canada's Most In Demand Web Guru

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Mr. In Demand services Website, Marketing and Multimedia design consultancy. From our offices in Toronto, Canada and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we design and market highly-effective websites, promotions and marketing strategies both online and offline for corporate and business clients anywhere in the world.


eBaum’s World and WasArrested Announce Talks Of Partnership
Whats Hot!
Toronto, ON, Canada - In Demand Productions Inc, web guru's - a leading web and marketing management solution - announced today that is has discussed partnership with eBaum’s World Corporation, a leading entertainement and multimedia website ranked 858 in Alexa.com stats.

eBaum’s World is the Internet’s premier resource for entertainment,
recreation and humor.

Average Monthly Page Views – 235,000,000
Average Page Views per Day – 7,486,600
Average Monthly Unique Visitors – 9,600,000

WasArrested is the world leader in fake news generation for entertainment.

Average Monthly Page Views – 1,736,000
Average Page Views per Day – 56,600
Average Monthly Unique Visitors – 576,600
Posted on 23 Feb 2007 by Mr. In Demand
So you want to be a website designer?
Website Design Tips
What should I put in my portfolio?

Web Sites. Duh! You need to have actual work. If you haven't been hired by any clients on a freelance, internship or actual job basis, then you need to create fake sites to show off your talent.

OK. I have a bad ass portfolio. Where should I put it?

Online. Buy a domain name get a cheap hosting account and put everything you do online. In terms of costs, this will be one of your best investments. For only $50-$75 per year you can have your own domain name, email and web site. Not only will it look professional, but it will also be good experience in setting up a web site.

How should I structure my portfolio?

In terms of your web site, just make it your best work and put all of your other work in various categories (web design, print, logos, etc.). Try to organize items so that your potential employer or client does not have to search for your work. Basically do not get too wacky with the design. Make sure you put in your contact information somewhere on the site - preferably on each page.

If you really want to get wild, make your web site your own freelance company and you could easily pick up some extra client work and show off your business/design talent. To do this, simply add in various pages that are needed to sell your services, such as an about us page, client list, services, and any other pages you can think of.

How much time should I waste on creating my portfolio?

You need to spend as much time as needed to make your portfolio sharp. Create as many sites as possible. You should have various themes (i.e. tech, friendly, corporate, creative, and using all different color palettes). If you only have 2-3 web sites, then they better be good.

What format should I make my sites or concepts?

Fully functional web sites are best. However, its bad if you link to a client that suddenly went out of business or changed their site - so save a snapshot of the page as well. If you don't have fully functional web sites, then at least have a fully functional home page with null links. If you don't have any of that, then a full JPG version of the concept is fine, but no thumbnails.

Can I show off my print skills?

A print portfolio helps. If you have design talent, then that can be applied to any medium.

What skills do I need to pay the bills?

HTML, PhotoShop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, and FTP knowledge are a must. Flash is a good idea too.

If you know how to program in ASP, JSP, PHP, CFM or any other scripting language that is great. If you know how to make a database driven web site using a MySQL-PHP configuration, ASP-MS SQL, CFM-MSSQL, or any other configuration then great.

In general though you need to know a little bit about everything and become a master in one area. That will allow you to get a job in either graphic design, search engine optimization, internet marketing, database programming, general web design, content, usability, layouts, etc. However, if you know a little bit about everything it helps because you understand how all of the technologies fit together to produce a web site.
Posted on 11 Jan 2007 by Mr. In Demand
ALERT! Don’t Pay For Free Information
Watch Out!
I received an unsolicited (a.k.a. spam) email today from financing@canadianpublications.org offering to sell me the The Subsidy Directory 2006 for $149.95.

They claim "it is the most complete and affordable reference for anyone looking for financing.It is the perfect tool for new and existing businesses, individuals, foundations and associations." All the information on grants and financing any Canadian business would need can be found for free, using the Canada Business search engine or going to the Canada Business Financing section. Don't pay for free information.
Posted on 27 Jan 2007 by Mr. In Demand
Merry Christmas From In Demand Productions
From all of us at In Demand Productions to you, have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

2006 has been a great year for us. The technology behind Web 2.0 continues to impress us with it's abilities and possibilities. Google buys YouTube for $1.65 Billion and fuels the return of investors back to technology and the web.

The year 2006 began with Microsoft playing second fiddle to Google but promising big things in the not-too-distant future. The year finished up much the same way, with Microsoft–again under pressure from Google, but still making big promises about breakthrough products over the horizon. In between, the past 12 months added up to a transitional year for the computer business as new technologies and new business models further scrambled the industry constellation of forces.

In 2006, Google went to bat to protect consumer data privacy in the United States but was criticized for bowing to government pressure in China after it released a censored version of its Chinese Web search site.

All in all it was a very interesting year and we can't wait to see what 2007 will bring. Thanks to our previous and current clients and welcome to our new ones.
Posted on 25 Dec 2006 by Mr. In Demand

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